Policy Brief for iTAGe

The Centre for Social Transformation and Human Development (CHDST), in collaboration with the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education
for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP), organised an Independent Talking Across Generations on Education (iTAGe ).

The objective was to facilitate a candid intergenerational dialogue between young people and experienced high-level senior decision-makers to derive critical messages and recommendations for policymakers and
decision-makers on the status and the direction of innovative learning experiences to equip and empower youth and citizens to participate in democratic processes and change the society. Importance of iTAG Nigeria – This iTAG is essential because Nigeria is blessed with abundant human and material resources. However, the history of democratic rule and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria has not met the people’s expectations.

Nigeria, like most developing nations, is faced with many challenges. One of the significant challenges is the issue of citizens’ participation in governance. Having a say in the way citizens are governed is a human
right and a necessary foundation for flourishing. However, the verdict on the street is that democratic governance has not improved people’s lives. Therefore, this iTAGe was imperative in convincing that education can be a tool for transformation, sustainable development, and peace.

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