Peace Camp

Peace camp is a forum that provides an atmosphere of friendship and interaction in which peace education, civic education and conflict resolution methods are learnt. It is not a brain washing exercise but rather one in which the enthusiasm of the participants are awakened for a different way of look at the world and humanity. Therefore it is not only about imparting information or a new model which sits in their head. Much importantly, it is about bringing them to an experience in their own being, within their own soul of what it is like when you leave behind the world of survival of the fittest; “might is right” and enter into the world of mutual support and recognition and acceptance of others .

However, the programme considers the four(4) values of education: learn to know, learn to do, learn to be and learn to live peacefully .


The primary goal of the peace camp is to build a culture of peace and democracy among youth in the country by training students and teachers in conflict mediation and the basic tenets of democratic principles.


  • Train and empower students on peace education (peace building and conflict transformation)
  • Expose students to democratic ideas, values and orientations.
  • Raise the awareness of the participants on basic human rights and their obligation to the country (civic responsibilities) .
  • Develop participants personal qualities such as inter-personal skills , communication skill , assertive behaviour , individual responsibility , self-esteem , sociability , self-management and negotiation skills .
  • Enable students to appreciate that they are agents of change. This will prevent the prevailing fatalistic and defeatist attitude that ordinary people have no power to change their situation.


The peace camp provides a forum for interaction for participants drawn from diverse parts of the country and to learn various skills .The activities includes:


  • Lectures, workshops, interactive sessions to build up friendship and solidarity.
  • Visits to democratic and grassroots institutions like house of assembly , high court , government institutions .
  • Competitions :drama, quiz and debate .
  • Commitment to share knowledge and experience with others through games and group exercise.

Project goal

The SMART + G goal of the peace camp is to contribute to the world peace, by training and developing 100 males and females youth across Niger Delta region to be peace actors in their environs.

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