Expected Outcome of the Project – Traditional Conflict


When People understand the impact of using communication to address communal problems for social unity, it becomes one of the most appreciated means for rapid development. Hence, by training stakeholders as potential Community Public Relation Officers, communication strategies relevant towards modest behavioural skills that are within reach of all normal individuals in the community would have been developed and the need to acquire a moderate cognitive understanding of an effective communication process with situational constraints that may arise as a barriers to positive behavioural patterns will help the representatives of each communities to have a sound understanding for this purpose, not to mention the use of restricted code which does not defile cultural values and the language commonly used within the communities especially at meeting places when passing on vital messages during casual gathering will become achievable. Other major achievements from members of the various communities will include

  • An effective Community orientation on use of communication tools like phone calls, text messages and liaising with Community Public Relations Representatives will help in the management and prevention of conflict.
  • The use of signs such as audio and visual that relate to our senses and operate a shared cultural meaning with that of the various communities involved would help to redefine the likely causes of conflict.
  • A point of convergence between the local media houses, civil organizations and the various communities involved in this mapping process to helps promote mutual understanding and effective information sharing would have been achieved.
  • The use of video and recording facilities that are embedded in telecommunication equipment such as the phones, iPods and other gadgets to communicate without border will be developed and encouraged. Also, applying an effective use of audio-visual and artistically accepted forms of communications that can penetrate the peoples understanding beyond the pictures and words to the essential visual display would have been established.

With the above established concepts towards an effective flow of information for effective peace-building, the means for participating in communication process towards reducing incessant crises that may arise in societies especially on communal basis would have been downsized and national development encouraged as community members, local actors, peace-builder and media houses would have establishes a point of convergence in addressing likely tendencies of conflict both on intra and inter basis.



  1. To help develop an emotional response to reality as it affects the use of media technology equipment such as phones with more enhanced features that could help promote prompt response where the need arises.
    • The use of common technological tools like the phone with internet facilities which is within the reach of our trained audience in various communities to promotes a circular flow of information both for internal and external consumptions.
  2. To establish a periodic forum where issues affecting community lives can be addressed, while using the local media to create effective dissemination of information.
  3. Adopting Media communication in form of social networks in sensitizing the members of the community to speak out, especially on issues relating to conflict prevention and management.
  4. To promote a feedback mechanism from the audience in the community
  5. To train individuals as Community Public Relation Representatives who will help in the role of Local actors with the ability to apply semiotics (an understanding of signs and language) for effective communication. By this, the ideology of establishing a mediator or a mouthpiece for the community would have been actualized.
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