Description of the action and its effectiveness – Traditional Conflict


The primary objective of this project is to establish an effective communication channel that is all-involving towards eradicating tendencies for crises and conflict between intra and inter communities with constant feedback to enhance concrete peace-building.

Action point

Three community representatives namely stakeholders, youth leaders, Community Public relations Representatives and women and children who are the most vulnerable during crises will be carefully selected from the areas where conflict is most predominant. Our interest therefore will be based on the following regions that are known for incessant occurrence of crises spurred by some of the factors mentioned in our background; Ogoni, Emohua and Ahoada in Rivers State, ijaw, itsekiri and Isoko communities in Delta State and Eket, …………., and ……….. in Akwa Ibom State respectively. They shall be trained on effective ways for using basic communication tools to control likely tendencies for crises through an early warning process.

Target Audience

The target groups for this project are community leaders from six selected communities in the Niger Delta region, which will include Ogoni, Emohua and Ahoada in Rivers State, Jesse, Isoko and Urhobo communities in Delta State and Eket, …………., and ……….. in Akwa Ibom State respectively. The reason for this selection is for the purpose of effective engagement. These groups will be divided on the basis of gender especially the youth group who are instruments for perpetrating violence and conflict in the community. Others will include stakeholders like traditional leaders and socio-cultural group representatives who will make up part of the audience in this designed drive towards an effective participatory model of communication.

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